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The Morning After: Weekly Pitt Link Dump / "Mr. Automatic" (Three Day Weekend)

J-Stew, Mr. Automatic Song, 3 Day Weekend (via BurnMonkeyBurnDotCom)

This week's music is Mr. Automatic by Three Day Weekend. Unless you've listened to Jim Rome, this song has no meaning to you. Sorry. If you have listened to Rome, though, you know this is awesome.

Pitt-related links that we didn't get to last week are after the jump.

The Big East's TV deal is unpredictable ...

Whatever it will be, though, it's a big deal for the conference

Pitt and Penn State are battling it out for Dorian Johnson (ESPN Insider article)

Lindy's makes fun of Todd Graham and his dream jobs ... never gets old

Pitt-UNLV would be a heck of a basketball game this year

Chas at Pitt Blather has a good breakdown of the ACC's 'crazy family'

Former Pitt lineman, Jeff Otah, is having a hard time staying healthy

Pitt returns players contributing to only 48% of the team's tackles in 2011 - one of the lowest numbers in D-1 says Florida State should stay in the ACC

More on the Paul Chryst's transition at Pitt

The Pitt/Syracuse-Big East divorce is a bit of a mess

ESPN's Andrea Adelson talks about a Big East title game (video)

Anthony DeFabio, a Pitt baseball player, made second team Academic All-American

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