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More Pitt Prognostications ... And More Doubters

Pitt may not win the Big East, but they should contend ... right? <em>Right</em>?!? (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Pitt may not win the Big East, but they should contend ... right? Right?!? (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
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SB Nation's own Bill Connelly (and if you haven't been reading his stuff for SB Nation's mothership, you should be) is working through college football previews and the little needle on the wheel stopped on the Pitt Panthers yesterday.

Connelly, like so many others, though, can't bring himself to pick the Panthers to win the Big East. And talk about being on cue, ironically, just as I mentioned yesterday, Pitt's numerous coaching changes continue to affect mindsets when it comes to predicting the Panthers' season:

In the end, here's his assessment:

I just don't know what to think. The offense fits the new coach's philosophy, and the defense has both consistency and upside on its side. But how do you handle moving to your third offense and your third defense in three seasons? In a sport where intuitive action is key -- if you're thinking, you aren't playing quickly enough -- how could this roster possibly play to its full potential? I am comfortable enough with this team to think another bowl season is possible, but they probably won't be in a position to contend for a Big East crown by any means.

I'm not sure Pitt will win the Big East, but I have a hard time believing they won't contend. The conference is far too weak and despite a bad season last year, I think the Panthers will be right in the thick of things - if for no other reason than the conference is simply that bad.

Be sure to head over and see his full assessment of the Panthers.

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