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Hail to Links! The "Piling On The BIG EAST" Edition


Some of the criticism the BIG EAST receives is deserved, much of it is not. Jokes will always be made of the conference whose membership is divided among many sports and spans several timezones. But has it gone too far?

Also, check out what Canada did this past weekend, who is being inducted into a new Hall of Fame, and more...after the jump.

More like the BIG LEAST, amirite? Sean O'Leary takes a look at how ESPN has been treating the BIG EAST as a second class citizen and how no one seems to care.

Have you ever wanted to know everything about the Air-Raid offense? Well now you can. Chris Brown of covers the history and evolution of this newfangled offense.

It's not cheating unless you get caught. And it looks like North Carolina got caught committing academic fraud.

"Imagine that. A Hall of Fame for the fans." This week, SB Nation is announcing the inaugural class to it's College Football Hall of Fame.

Blame Canada! This past weekend, the U-19 Canadian team defeated the U-19 American American football. /facepalm

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