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Kenpom Predicts Seasons For Pitt's Steven Adams And James Robinson

Will Jamie Dixon really bring Steven Adams off the bench? (Anthony Gruppuso-US PRESSWIRE)
Will Jamie Dixon really bring Steven Adams off the bench? (Anthony Gruppuso-US PRESSWIRE)

Kenpom is a pretty respected site for stats and such. But when it comes to predicting the seasons for Steven Adams and James Robinson, I think they've got things a bit wrong.

According to a writer for the site, Steven Adams isn't likely to start. And from the way they make it sound, of the duo, Robinson is actually likely to see more playing time:

I doubt that either of these two starts next season. Adams will be a big rebounder off the bench, but may not be ready to score in the Big East.

I haven't seen many projections stating Adams won't be a starter next year. When he was first gaining some recognition after being recruited by Pitt a bit under the radar, I doubted it a bit. But Adams' legend has grown by leaps and bounds since then and even if he doesn't start at the beginning of the season, it's hard for me to see him still coming off the bench by the end of the year. Adams is projected as a lottery pick ... next year. That type of talent doesn't usually stay on the bench for long.

As I've said along, I don't know that Adams will be a huge scorer in the Big East, so I think they've got that right. But his presence in the middle is something that Pitt lacked last year and I think he'll be starting pretty quickly - if not immediately.

And then there was this:

Robinson’s a stud – Woodall’s way too good to sit for a freshman, but I’d be sorely tempted to anyway. Robinson won’t turn the ball over 22 percent of the time, and he definitely won’t shoot that many three-pointers.

This is really pipe dream stuff. Before he was injured, Woodall was really having a breakout season last year. He's one of the veterans on the team and he's infinitely more important to the team than Robinson next season. Robinson will get some minutes, no doubt. But he's not in the same league as Woodall right now, obviously.

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