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Hail To Links! The "EA Sports Knows How Todd Graham Thinks" Edition


Since EA Sports released NCAA '13 last week, every blogger with an XBox has been simulating the 2013 season and reporting on the results. Those results, as you can imagine, have varied widely. However, a simulation that surfaced today appears to be the most accurate of the entire bunch.

Also, we'll check out what to expect of the upcoming media days, some player's tolerance for pain, and more...after the jump.

The Todd Graham Protocol. Spencer and Luke over at EDSBS decided to simulate the season from a coach's point of view...Arizona State head coach, Todd Graham.

The rules were simple: we would make every promise to every recruit possible. In these promises, we would lean on "coaching stability" and "coaching prestige" even when it made absolutely no sense to do so. Finally, at the end of the season, we would openly lobby for other jobs whenever possible, and then take the first job we could take no matter the terms or situation.

One final clambake. With the BIG EAST Media Days just around the corner, ESPN's BIG EAST Blog previews what to expect out of the pow wow in Providence.

Chan Marino? ESPN's Recruiting Blog takes a look at current Pitt 2014 recruit Chandler Kincade. Is Kincade's recruitment really as open as ESPN leads us to believe?

Prediction? Pain. ESPN's BIG EAST Blog takes a look at Ryan Turnley and the pain he endured with plantar fasciitis in both feet last season.

A rule change for the better. The NCAA has implemented a rule change, effective as of thus summer, allowing athlete's to work with coaches 2 hours a week.

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