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Greentree Highlights 6/28/12 Courtesy of PSN

PBC Pro-Am 6/28 (via PittPSN)

As part of bringing the guys from Pitt Script aboard, we're also fortunate to post videos from the Panther Sports Network. The Pitt Script blog teamed up with them to air some of their content and if you've never seen their stuff, they do great work.

The Panther Sports Network is a student media organization that covers a lot of Pitt sporting events. They've been down in Greentree covering the summer league and shot some good footage of the last set of games. This is particularly good to see if you're out of the area and can't make it to the Summer League games or you're like me and are generally too tired after work to go watch.

Great work as always from the guys at PSN. Thanks to the Pitt News' RJ Sepich and Pat McAteer for the analysis. Continue to check back as we'll be posting their videos here.