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The Morning After: Weekly Pitt Link Dump / "Imperial Death March" (Star Wars)

Star Wars Imperial March FULL (via samuraijack3000)

It's a new era of sorts here at Cardiac Hill as we welcome three new bloggers to the site today. What better way to celebrate than with out and out death and destruction with the Imperial death march from Star Wars. World domination is just around the corner.

Pitt-related links that we didn't get to last week are, as always, after the jump.

Pitt got a fair shake when it comes to their basketball schedule

Athletic Director Steve Pederson is in favor of the playoff

ESPN featured Hubie Graham this week

Pitt commits enjoyed the Big 33 experience recently

Point guard James Robinson is ready

Rushel Shell is ready to get started at Pitt

Some basketball players are having big performances in the Greentree Summer League

Pitt getting steamrolled by Utah in the BCS somehow didn't make ESPN's worst Big East BCS moments

Former Pitt star Darrelle Revis held a clinic back in his hometown of Aliquippa

Pitt football has shot up the boards in terms of numbers of recruits in the Big East

Chas at Pitt Blather takes a look at the new playoff system

The Big East's status in the playoff still looks murky, though

ESPN breaks down potential leaders for Pitt football this season (video)

Several Pitt athletes recently participated in Olympic trials

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