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Hail To Links! The "Did You Know The Dark Knight Was Filmed In Pittsburgh, You Guys?" Edition


I'm sitting in for Bryan today so the links won't be quite as entertaining. Still, we'll take a look at several links about Syracuse's Jim Boeheim putting down the Big East, Rex Ryan turning into a stick figure, Ray Graham getting more dap, and more - after the jump.

Misguided souls in Pittsburgh treated the opening of The Dark Knight Rises as if it were Star Wars or something important

Seriously, there are scalpers for this thing charging $100 bucks?

Now in the ACC, Jim Boeheim plays the heel role as the Joker, saying the Big East wasn't what they once were

Holy Slimfast, Batman - Rex Ryan had nothing better to do this offseason so he dropped 100 bills

Batman has a symbol in the sky - Happy Valley has this

Ray Graham isn't as fast as the Batmobile, but he might be as elusive - for that reason, he made the Doak Walker watchlist (yeah, that was lame - I know)

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