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Four Pitt Freshmen Plan To Enroll Early

Yesterday I posted a fanshot about defensive tackle Tyrique Jarrett planning to enroll early this year at Pitt. It turns out he may have some company at January orientation:

It's looking like is going to have 4 January enrollees this winter: Corey Clement, Tra'von Chapman, Shakir Soto, and Tyrique Jarrett.

- @Pantherlair


Obviously, the big news there is Chapman. If he can enroll in January, Chapman will likely only be a few months behind Chad Voytik. That should set up a summer of 2013 battle-royal between Voytik, Chapman and journeyman Tom Savage.

And hey, I see you, Corey Clement. Pitt will have a crowded backfield in 2013 with Isaac Bennett and Rushel Shell, but tell that to Dion Lewis who enrolled early and then ran for 1,800 yards. Clement probably won't 325 rushes like Lewis did, bit his chances of cracking the depth chart has to increase astronomically by being in the college weightroom and on the college field six months early.

Not to mention DE Shakir Soto, who plays at a position of increasingly dire need for the Panthers.

It should be a fun summer in 2013.