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Chris Blewitt, Jokes. Jokes, Chris Blewitt.

Oh, so Todd Graham's got jokes? (via wvurxgal)

Hey, Chris - stop me if you've heard this one.

Chris Blewitt has likely had to deal with jokes about his name since he's a kicker probably since, well, he became a kicker. But now that he's been recruited by a D-I school and verbally committed, the nation is just now getting a hold of this. Yeah, it's going to be a long four years.

The SportsGrid checks in and is already lining up the headlines:

We can already see the headlines: Blewitt Blew It For Pitt, Knew It From The Snap. Blewitt Blows It Again With Missed Field Goal. Blewitt Stays True To His Name, Ruins Pitt’s Title Hopes (OK, sorry, we’ll stop the puns now… but it’s just so tempting).

Rant Sports sees four long years of jokes. Lost Letterman, meanwhile, says it's simply 'tragic.'

Then there's this little nugget: Dude isn't even the first kicker with such a name.

According to Rivals - This.

Shockingly, Blewitt isn't the first kicker to have this surname. Thanks to a couple readers (Brad and Thomas), I've learned that Harvard had a kicker in 2000 and 2001 named Anders Blewett. And Blewett apparently knew the burden of the name all too well.

As Larry Brown Sports points out, Blewitt, if nothing else, probably has thick skin about his name. Still, Pitt fans ... take it easy.

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