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The Morning After: Weekly Pitt Link Dump / "Can I Be Your Tennis Ball" (Jamie Foxx)

I want to be your tennis ball - Part I (via GSAcademy)

In honor of Serena Williams winning yet another Wimbledon title, this week's song is Jamie Foxx's 'Can I be your Tennis Ball' song from the ESPYs a while back. There was also the remix that you need to check out. Pure hilarity.

Pitt links that we didn't get to last week are after the jump.

ESPN gave some predictions on Pitt players that will make preseason college football watch lists

Paul Zeise has some notes about some of Pitt's football recruits

'What if' scenarios are pretty useless, but Andy Katz examines what it could have been like if Pitt was left out of the Big East tournament

James Robinson speaks about his Team USA experience

Should there be cause for concern with Pitt's recruiting?

Finding big time talent in western PA is getting more difficult

Big East Coast Bias takes a look at conference offensive lines and wide receiver units ...

They also looked at the Big East's defensive lines and defensive backs

Pitt's 11 recruits heading into last week were second most in the Big East

Take a look at the players at Pitt whose jerseys have been retired

It's official: Boise State is Big East bound

The Blue Ribbon College Yearbook is out and you can see their preview for Pitt (ESPN Insider article)

Pitt's men's soccer players are playing all around the world over the summer

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