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A Look At 2013 Pitt Basketball Target Rysheed Jordan

Jamie Dixon is still looking for backcourt help in 2013 and beyond (Jamie Rhodes-US PRESSWIRE)
Jamie Dixon is still looking for backcourt help in 2013 and beyond (Jamie Rhodes-US PRESSWIRE)

Pitt's got their collective eye on a few five-star players for 2013 and one of them is guard Rysheed Jordan out of Philadelphia. Rivals ranks him as a five-star recruit and according to the site, the Panthers have offered him a scholarship. He also comes in as the No. 16 recruit in the entire class. 24/7 says he's No. 15 and is the top combo guard for 2013.

About that combo guard classification, Jordan actually says he prefers to be a point guard once he gets to college:

"I want to prove I'm a point guard," he said. "People see me as a combo guard. I need to improve my passing skills and control of game. But a point guard is what I want to be at the next level."

So what are Pitt's chances? According to him, they're one of the most interested programs in him.

Last month, Jordan told this website that Pitt is one of the schools after him the most:

Jordan said that Kansas, Pitt, La Salle, Syracuse, Maryland, and Temple are the programs coming at him the hardest.

He also talked about criteria for selecting a school:

While location "doesn’t matter" to Jordan, he discussed some of the factors he is taking into consideration as he looks for a school.

"Somewhere I can just play right away, go to school [and] get my degree," Jordan said.

The degree can be had anywhere, so the key thing here is playing time. How is Pitt fixed for guards in 2013 and beyond? There's 2012 recruit James Robinson and Cameron Wright and John Johnson would have two years of eligibility left. That's not to say Jordan couldn't play right away, though. He'd be the highest-rated recruit of the bunch and could be the best player. But with two upperclassmen and Robinson, who would be a sophomore, a ton of playing time wouldn't be guaranteed. As Bryan mentioned recently in a recruiting roundup, the backcourt isn't exactly set in stone after this season.

Okay, with that said, when can we expect a decision from him? Last month he said he planned to cut his list in July, but as of late last month, he was still only talking about doing that, according to NBC Sports. Jordan actually caused a bit of a stir on Twitter last week when he mentioned he could make a decision the following day. That didn't happen, though, and he's still up for grabs.

His mentor thought he needed to be a bit more careful with the Twitter machine:

"I've told him he needs to be careful with that Twitter stuff," Yard told "He's not ready to make a decision yet. He was just playing around."

Pitt shows up in several places for him, but it's a bit murky just how interested he is in them. Many sites (including ones to which I've linked) don't even mention Pitt, so there's that. Either way, though, Pitt seems interested in him.

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