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Hail To Links! The "Sky Is The Limit" Edition


He may be buried on the depth chart right now, but we all believe that Rushel Shell won't be there for long. How far can he go? Hopefully the sky is the limit. So today, we will take a look at the potential Heisman winners of this incoming class (hint, hint), Tino trying to prove his critics wrong, why trying to beat an FCS team while high as a kite is not a good idea, and more...after the jump.

Will anyone from the 2012 class be paying a visit to the New York Athletic Club? CBS Sports takes a look at the potential Heisman winners of the incoming class of freshman. Yes, Rushel Shell is on the list.

Proving the critics wrong. Tino looks to rebound from the "High Octane" era and his "average" performances.

One last hoorah. Pitt continues to prepare for their final season in the BIG EAST.

Making excuses. The 2007 season was filled with several of the greatest upsets of all time. Beyond 13-9, there was Appalachian State over Michigan. Now Michigan was claiming "nearly half the team was stoned."

Violating the school dress code. The Oklahoma City Public Schools' dress code says that the only team apparel that can be worn to school is of an in-state university because of gang violence. That 5 year old in a Michigan t-shirt must have been pretty threatening.

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