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Hail To Links! The "Four Days Until Kickoff" Edition

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Four days until kickoff. It's hard to control oneself with football just around the corner. But to fill the time, we will take a look at many questions facing the Panthers and the BIG EAST conference, Ray Graham's potential return, the possibility of hearing "Call Me, Maybe?" at every football game all year, and more...after the jump.

To play or not to play. That is the question facing Ray Graham at this moment. He is listed as a game-time decision for Youngstown State.

"Can QB Tino Sunseri regain his sophomore season form?" and other imponderables... CBS Sports looks at the five questions facing the Panthers as the season gets underway.

Call us, maybe? The BIG EAST Coast Bias offers up five thoughts on the upcoming BIG EAST season, and the warning of "Call Me, Maybe?" being played by marching bands across the nation.

The Wrigley Field of college football. Cincinnati's Nippert Stadium, aka "The House That Brian Kelly Built...and left during the school's best season," got the nod as the best stadium in the BIG EAST. That was hard to type with a straight face.

What to expect of Arizona State's "High Octane" offense. Using Todd Graham's three good know, the years with Gus Malzahn and Chad Morris running the offense...Arizona State has high hopes. Have fun with Mike Norvell, he did wonders last year after Calvin Magee was secretly relieved of his play-calling duties.

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