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Week 1 SB Nation Big East Power Rankings

Where did Pitt rank? (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Where did Pitt rank? (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Getty Images

The SB Nation Big East Power Rankings are back, friends. The first one's always the toughest and that's especially true this season with loads of parity expected.

The poll is again hosted by The UConn Blog and see the results after the jump.

I voted Pitt third, higher than anyone else. I fully expect the Panthers to compete for the Big East title, though, and could see them finishing higher. However, I also think Louisville, Rutgers, and South Florida could all be better than Pitt, so I really went back and forth on third and fourth. But I'm sick of being bamboozled by the Bulls, so I went with Pitt ahead of them for now.

Here was my poll:

1. Louisville
2. Rutgers
3. Pitt
4. South Florida
5. Cincinnati
6. Syracuse
7. UConn
8. Temple

Still, the Panthers came in fifth overall, which is a shade low in my opinion. Cincinnati came in ahead of them and with so much being lost on the Bearcats' offense, I'm really taking a wait and see approach with them.

Head over to The UConn Blog and check out the full results, including the individual ballots.

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