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Assessing Impact Of Mark Myers Transfer

Will Anthony Gonzalez be back under center (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Will Anthony Gonzalez be back under center (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Funny how these things work out, but turns out that the loss of a third (or even fourth) string quarterback does matter. With the sudden, but not totally unexpected loss of quarterback Mark Myers, the quarterback position is going to see a bit of a shift.

First things first - while Myers' transfer has an impact on the program, it's not one that should matter all that much if Tino Sunseri is healthy this year and Chad Voytik turns out to be everything he's supposed to be. Myers was going to have a hard time making a push to be the starter during his tenure at Pitt. He was only going to be a redshirt sophomore, but the chance he would get serious playing time this year and beyond was probably not all that high.

Even if Sunseri struggled wildly again this season, he was still a better option than Myers, who showed next to nothing last year when he got onto the field. And even if Sunseri went down with an injury this year, Myers didn't appear to have the inside track on the backup job behind Trey Anderson after this spring. In addition, when you look, beyond 2012, Myers would have battled the presumed favorite Chad Voytik, 2013 freshman Tra'Von Chapman ... and Anderson, who he's not beaten out. Myers had a long road ahead of him in terms of trying to win the job any year he was here.

All of that said, what does it mean for the team this year? While Myers was going to have a hard time making an impact this season, the loss does put Pitt in a bit of a bind.

Trey Anderson is the backup, but showed little more than Myers did when he got onto the field last season. Sunseri should be the starter throughout the season, but if he suffers an injury, Anderson could be thrust into duty.

Fans will surely clamor for true freshman Chad Voytik, but he is just now getting his first taste of college football this month with training camp. Hard to imagine him being ready at this point. But a redshirt for Voytik is now less likely since head coach Paul Chryst may have no choice to play him if Sunseri is injured. Even if Anderson shows he's capable of running the offense (a huge 'if'), it's difficult to go through an entire season without needing a backup quarterback to play even a few snaps. Voytik could still redshirt this year, but the possibility of that happening just got a lot smaller.

Pitt does have another option, though. Anthony Gonzalez, who's starting to rival Dorin Dickerson in position changes, is expected to be either a safety or receiver. But Gonzo came to Pitt hoping to play quarterback and played the position in high school. Chryst could move Gonzalez back to the position to give it a bit more depth.

Not sure where I stand on that move. So much of it is dependent on Voytik, really. If Voytik shows something ... anything at all (even in practice to coaches), moving Gonzalez would make little sense. Why bury a good athlete on your bench as a backup when he could be making an impact elsewhere? But if Voytik struggles to grasp the college game a bit, it would be good to have Gonzalez in the position.

It's going to be a tough call for Chryst in my mind.

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