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Pitt Training Camp Day 3: Shoulder Pads On

Todd Thomas sat out Wednesday's practice, but will be an integral part of the linebackers. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Todd Thomas sat out Wednesday's practice, but will be an integral part of the linebackers. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
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Another fall practice in the books and on Wednesday, the players were able to put on shoulder pads for the first time in camp. Naturally, this led to some of the players getting a little overly aggressive during team drills, which led to them getting a good yelling from the coaching staff. Coach Chryst commented on it after practice.

"We did, but I think you have to learn how to practice with each other. It's so important, and I think we have to get better at that. I thought it was sloppy. We have to learn to be able to practice and have great tempo and go, but also be smart and take care of each other."

But the players understand the reasoning behind it, according to WR Devin Street.

"They want to bring out the best in us, but they want to go about it the right way. They're on us, but we know what to expect of us."

Regarding the one player everyone wants to know about, Ray Graham, along with Todd Thomas and freshman WR Demetrious Davis, all sat out of Wednesday's practice. It was pre-scheduled, before anyone starts freaking out that Ray hurt himself after his great showing on Tuesday. Paul Chryst, predictably, has to be getting a little tired answering questions about Ray's knee. But that's probably how it's going to be until we see Ray go for the first time against Youngstown State so, sorry Coach.

As far as the rest of the team, as expected, the defense continued to be the better side on Wednesday. Not that the offense won't get there, but it's usually a lot easier to master hitting someone than coming up with a play to avoid getting hit. The offense was able to take advantage of the defense having to ease up on hitting on a couple of occasions. The play of the day though has to go to freshman DB Ryan Lewis, who made a great interception of Chad Voytik's pass to freshman receiver Kevin Weatherspoon. That's not to say that the offense didn't have their moments. Each QB had some nice plays when matched up in 7-on-7s and 11-on-11s.

A unit that is going to become the one to watch, besides offensive line and quarterback, is the linebackers. There is a ton of talent there, but not as much in the way of experience.

"I think there is a pool of guys who have a chance to be pretty good players," coach Paul Chryst said. "I'm anxious to watch the film and see if they can do it consistently. I think the group, they are working, and we do have some guys who, if they keep working and growing, they might be fun to watch."

There are a couple health concerns in the group that could really bolster the unit's depth should they all be 100% healthy. Todd Thomas, Ejuan Price, and Dan Mason are all on the road to recovery still, but should they all get back to 100%, the unit has the potential to be really good with the talent at the coaching staff's disposal. It also helps that the defense is going back to a 4-3, which the majority of the defensive players are comfortable with.

Thursday's practice will start at 9:45 and end around 12:45. Keep it right here at Cardiac Hill for more updates from fall camp.