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The Morning After / Weekly Pitt Link Dump: "Things Have Gone To Pieces" (George Jones)

George Jones-Things Have Gone To Pieces'' (via makeminecountry2)

Another week another loss. We took a break from the Monday Morning link dumps last week with the Cincinnati game on Thursday. But it's back today and there's no better song to fit the mood than the iconic George Jones' 'Things have gone to Pieces'.

Pitt football is a wreck right now and while the season isn't over yet, it ain't looking good. Pitt-related links that we didn't get to from last week are after the jump.

Media links after the Cincinnati debacle

Pitt's basketball schedule is missing some regular opponents this season

Anthony Gonzalez and Chris Davis are no longer suspended, but they didn't travel to the Cincy game

Pitt also squared off against DeJuan Blair's brother and Cam Saddler's nephew in the game

The university had a viewing party for the game for students

A Cincinnati band member had a bad game on Thursday

It's pretty clear that Pitt football has work to do

Dr. Saturday noted one of Tino Sunseri's good plays in the game

Before the game, Pat Bostick talked about the team turning things around

Ryan Turnley is becoming a leader for the football team

I shared my thoughts on the coaching after the Cincinnati game - Chas at Pitt Blather did the same

Former Pitt star Dan Marino talked about the Panthers and the NFL season on The Fan

Pitt's athletics site posted an ACC preview video last week

Could the Big East change its name in the future?

Pitt has had names on its jerseys since 1990 in the Paul Hackett era

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