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Hail To Links! The "Expansiopocalypse Continues" Edition


Perhaps the best move in the last five years of conference expansion took place yesterday morning with the Notre Dame Fighting Irish moving to the ACC in all sports other than football and hockey (as someone said yesterday, only Gary Bettman is foolish enough to believe that hockey will work in southern markets). With this move, the ACC presidents voted to raise the conference exit fee to over $50 million. Congrats ACC fans, no school is going anywhere for a long, long time. So today we will take a look at what the move does for Pitt's future scheduling, Tino Sunseri's play, and more...after the jump.

The ACC Scheduling Dilemma. Notre Dame has agreed to play five ACC teams a year by joining the league in all other sports. BC Interruption takes a look at how the existing scheduled games with the Irish will play out.

Does Notre Dame to the ACC help bring back old rivalries? Steve Pederson talks how Notre Dame's new conference affiliation will effect the the possibility of additional games against Penn State.

He is who we thought he was. ESPN's BIG EAST blog rates the conferences quarterbacks. You can probably guess how this is going to go.

Tino Sunseri does his best Brett Favre impersonation. Tino did a great job on getting rid of the ball on this play. Brett Favre would be proud of the shovel pass. Brett Favre, the king of the "Arm Punt" would also be proud of Tino's "Arm Field Goal" to end the first half.

You've got questions, Pitt Blather has answers. VT blog, The Key Play, did a Q&A with Chas over at Pitt Blather. VT commenters find it hard to believe that we can feel this way about our team. Ahh, the life of being a Pitt fan.

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