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Will Notre Dame Ever Become A Full-Fledged ACC Member?


With last week's news that Notre Dame was joining the ACC for all sports except football, it begged the question: Will the Irish ever join the conference for football on a full-time basis?

Notre Dame athletics director Jack Swarbrick had some interesting comments on the matter.

Shortly after making the announcement, Swarbrick had this to say:

Speaking on a teleconference, Notre Dame athletic director Jack Swarbrick said Wednesday: "Our intention is to remain independent." Then this: "If something would change, and it would have to be a drastic change, we’re committed to the ACC."

Sounds an awful lot like a man possibly resigned to the fact they may have to join a conference. But even if that's a while away, the important thing of note is that he seems to indicate that if they do join one, it would likely be the ACC.

The Irish's main goal, of course, is to remain independent. But Notre Dame could eventually be forced to 'pick a team.' And the good news for the ACC is that if that day comes, they could be the Irish's dance partner. Just another reason why I've maintained that allowing Notre Dame to join as a member for all sports except football was a good move.

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