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The Morning After: Weekly Pitt Link Dump / "Fortunate Son" (CCR)

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Fortunate Son - Live 1969 (via ChowdhuryMorshed)

Suddenly, things are looking up a bit for Pitt football. The ugly Youngstown State loss is still there, of course, but at 2-2, things aren't nearly as bad as they were a few weeks ago. Now, heading into a bye week, hopefully Pitt will get even better by the time the Syracuse game rolls around.

As always, we've got Pitt-related links after the jump. This week's music is a 1969 video of "Fortunate Son."

Dan Mason got on the field for his first game action since his injury in the Miami game a few years ago

ESPN had a Q&A with Ryan Turnley last week

Speaking of Q&As, the Pitt Athletics website had one with Andrew Taglianetti as well

Pitt moved up to #61 in Athlon's latest college football rankings explains why the ACC accepting Notre Dame is a good move

Pitt-Johnstown's women's basketball team brought in six freshmen this season

The Huffington Post says ACC is on top of the basketball world with new additions

ESPN talks briefly about Pitt's depth at point guard with the addition of Josh Newkirk (Insider Article)

The Times Online had an article on Devin Cook last week

The Big East isn't sure about who the next member should be

Pitt lawyers are claiming an ethics violation by Michael Haywood's lawyers (how is this still going on?)

ESPN's Andrea Adelson says Pitt seems to have turned a corner after this weekend and ...

She also handed out helmet stickers to Tino Sunseri and Mike Shanahan for their play

Scout had audio interviews with offensive coordinator Joe Rudolph and defensive coordinator Dave Huxtable

The women's volleyball team beat Rutgers last week

The men's soccer team suffered their first loss of the year against Cincinnati

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