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Pitt's Bye Week Not At Ideal Time

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So Pitt's off this week. If you've been putting off weekend projects, now's the time to get caught up. For the Panthers, though, this bye week could definitely come at a better time.

For starters, Pitt is on a bit of a roll and playing well right now. The last thing they probably need is time off to break their rhythm. Bye weeks are better when they come when a team is floundering and needs to figure some things out. It's not that the Panthers are a juggernaut and there are plenty of areas for improvement. But the team is playing relatively well right now.

The bigger reason I'd rather see the bye come later, though, is because of the schedule. No, I'm not counting out Syracuse pulling off an upset to beat Pitt in a few weeks. The Panthers still have a lot of work to do, and I don't think any of us would be all that surprised if the Panthers were upset in New York in a couple of weeks. But I'd feel a lot better about Pitt's chances to defeat Louisville or Rutgers with an extra week of preparation and those games should be more difficult.

The good news is that with the bye week coming now, the Panthers will have a chance to get a little healthier. Pitt was without Aaron Donald and Hubie Graham this past week and both are integral parts to the defense and offense, respectively. Will be good to get those guys some extra rest.

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