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West Virginia's Bob Huggins says Panthers-Mountaineers should play

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At the risk of beating a dead horse, the topic of Pitt and West Virginia playing a basketball version of the Backyard Brawl was again brought up last week. This time it was Mountaineers' head coach Bob Huggins weighing in:

"I've said we're willing to play," Huggins said. "It's a great rivalry. Why wouldn't we play Pitt? You want to talk about the betterment of the student-athlete and doing what's right by the student-athlete? We're talking about an hour and a half drive. We're not talking about flying across the country. It just makes sense. There's not a downside.

"It's great for the fans. The players really enjoy it. You can play the game and be home. There's no problem waking up and going to class the next day. You're not missing class time. All the reasons anyone could give for starting a series or maintaining a series, they're all there. They're all positive."

I've repeated said (most recently, a few weeks ago) that this game needs to happen. There's always two sides to every story, but if it's Pitt holding it up as Huggins suggests in the article, shame on them. With a dozen or so non-conference games, there's no reason that among the Mount St. Mary's and North Florida's of the world, the Panthers can't find room for a rival they've played nearly 100 years in a row.

Flat out ridiculous and Pitt needs to get it done.

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