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Out With The Old, In With The New: SB Nation Rolls Out New Logos

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We're taking a quick break in the midst of the armageddon that is the Pitt-Cincinnati aftermath for a quick announcement regarding the site and SB Nation in general.

SB Nation will soon be undergoing some changes in regard to our platform and look - the new identity is coined SB Nation United. In general, it's all incredible stuff and the new sites will have an updated look and feel. Part of that will include a new logo for all of the sites. Cardiac Hill's is above.

The big thing of note is that the logos all have the same look/feel, while still possessing a degree of individuality with colors and things related to each school. Personally, I like the new logo and hope you do, too. The other thing to point out is that the individual sites will be more unified with the regional sites and SB Nation's main page -

Look for more exciting stuff as we move forward and we'll be glad to introduce you to the new Cardiac Hill in a month or so.

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