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Pitt Transfer Lloyd Carrington Follows Todd Graham To ASU

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A few weeks ago, we wrote that sophomore corner Lloyd Carrington was transferring from Pitt to be closer to his family in Texas.

Turns out, that means heading to Arizona State with Todd Graham.

Lloyd Carrington is a talented player, earning playing time as a true freshman at Pitt after only starting football his senior year of high school. He was good enough for the two-deep at Pitt this summer with a lot of potential still to be realized.

He'll have to sit out this season, but will have three years left at ASU.

How Todd Graham can convince a player he already abandoned via text message to follow him one again just baffles me. At the time, I wrote that we wish Carrington well no matter where he ends up. That still holds true, but with a slight modification: we wish Carrington all the personal success in the world, I just hope it's on a 0-12 Arizona State team.

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