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Week 2 College Football Viewing Guide

College football. For 'Merica. (Photo by Hunter Martin/Getty Images)
College football. For 'Merica. (Photo by Hunter Martin/Getty Images)
Getty Images

With this week's messed up posting schedule due to the Pitt-Cincy game, the usual Thursday morning Viewing guide was bumped to today. So you missed my witty comments about Utah-Utah State Friday night. I'm sure you're heartbroken.

But here it is: a look at all the games on your TV in the Pittsburgh market. Enjoy a stress-free Saturday of college football everyone.

Penn State at Virginia (12:00, ABC): Penn State will have to try to rebound from their loss to Ohio on the road at Virginia. PSU will be without Bill Belton, who was pretty much the whole offense against the Bobcats. Matt McGloin: still not Tom Brady. The Cavaliers are coming off a druming of Richmond, which is apparently what you're expected to do against FCS teams. Who knew?

Auburn at Mississippi State (12:00, ESPN): S-E-C! Auburn lost to Clemson in last week's Kickoff game in Atlanta in a rare non-conference triumph of the ACC, particularly against the SEC. Auburn was coined a sleeper by some before the season started, but hey, Kirk Herbstreit picked Pitt to win the Big East before the season too. Remember when Dan Mullen was turning around Mississippi State after the Bulldogs beat Georgia, Florida and Case Keenum-led Houston in four weeks in 2010? Neither does anyone else. That's what a 6-loss 2011 will do. And just think, Pitt's had two of those in a row!

UCF at #14 Ohio State (12:00, ESPN2): The Urban Meyer Columbus debut went swimmingly last week and there's no reason to believe the second act won't go the same way. Ohio State has the type of team that could make a major bowl this season if only they were allowed to make a major bowl this year.

Maryland at Temple (12:00, ESPNU): A strong candidate for my coveted noon viewing, mostly because I still think I can troll these fan bases on Twitter as a Pitt fan and get away with it. Randy Edsall seems like some sort of Terminator sent back in time to destroy Maryland football from the inside. Temple is Temple. Hilarity to ensue.

Miami at #21 Kansas State (12:00, FX): Not an easy start for Miami. They opened up last week on the road in conference at Boston College. Today they travel to Manhattan, Kansas to take on a ranked Kansas State squad. I suppose at some point I'll start pulling for ACC teams, but I don't think I can bring myself to root for Miami quite yet.

New Hampshire at Minnesota (12:00, BTN): This could be a pretty decent game. If New Hampshahahahahahahahaha, I can't even pretend.

#2 USC at Syracuse (3:30, ABC): Syracuse looking to join Pitt as the Big East defectors starting 0-2. At least both of Syracuse's will be to FBS teams with one to USC. But hey, #goacc.

#24 Florida at Texas A&M (3:30, ESPN): The first of the "Welcome to the SEC" games of the day. Two good programs, but this game will be lacking star power. A&M had it's opener against Louisiana Tech postponed due to the hurricane, and they'll be debuting a redshirt freshman at QB. See, playing a freshman quarterback can be done.

Air Force at #19 Michigan (3:30, ESPN2): Michigan should be ready to go after being dismantled by Alabama. Either that or they will inexplicably come out flat against Air Force. Either/or.

Purdue at #22 Notre Dame (3:30, NBC): Notre Dame looked damn good against Navy Saturday. But then again, I may have not been fully conscious since my ability to retain football before 10 a.m. has never been tested before. Purdue is terrible and that is all.

Iowa at Iowa State (3:30, BTN): Nothing makes you realize the hollow corporate nature of college football more than rivalry games occurring on week 2.

South Florida at Nevada (3:35, CBS Sports): South Florida should be able to take care of business on the road not because they're great or Nevada is bad, but rather because it's September and USF doesn't become USF until early-to-mid October.

#13 Wisconsin at Oregon State (4:00, FX): The Paul Chryst Bowl, as both teams at one point had the Pitt head-honcho as their offensive coordinator. Other than that, I have no interest in this game, meaning I have no interest in this game.

Washington at #3 LSU (7:00, ESPN): I'm excited for my first look at LSU this season. I'm also excited for LSU to be dominating Washington early enough that I can catch the start of Georgia-Missouri at 7:45.

#16 Nebraska at UCLA (7:30, Fox): A rare Fox, early season game. UCLA weirdly started the season on the road at Rice last week but was able to take care of business. The Bruins return home this week where they probably won't be so fortunate. Nebraska similarly beat-down Southern Miss last week at home behind five (5!) Taylor Martinez touchdowns. How many games would that take Tino?

Army vs. San Diego State (7:20 NBC Sports): Turned-down-the-Big-East vs. Future-Big-East. One school is in New York and one is in California. And it's the school in New York that wants nothing to do with the Big East. Oh, irony.

#7 Georgia at Missouri (7:45, ESPN2): Missouri is welcomed to the SEC with a top-10 ranked Georgia coming to town.

Vanderbilt at Northwestern (8:00, BTN): Last week, Northwestern got to beat a crappy Big East team. Today, they get a shot at a crappy SEC team. Watch out, Texas Tech, you may be next.

Louisiana Tech at Houston (CBS Sports): Really not sure I should include CBS Sports in these, but this game is there if you don't want to watch good football. Houston joined Pitt as an FBS team that lost to an FCS team last week. So that's fun.

Illinois at Arizona State (10:30, ESPN): I was really looking forward to live-tweeting ASU games this season, but Pitt's rough start has really hamstrung my efforts to annoy other fanbases. Still, Graham's ASU ESPN debut should be all sorts of fun.

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