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Devin Street to return to Pitt for senior season

Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

Just like that, Pitt received a bit of a boost as they prepare to head into the ACC next season. Wide receiver Devin Street announced Thursday night on Twitter that he would be returning to Pitt for his senior year:

My heart is at Pitt and with my teammates. I want to grow as a person and player. Therefore Ill be staying my senior year

That's really a big thing for the team. Street isn't an All-American wideout, but he is an above average receiver that could have an All-Conference year in 2013 (if you'll remember, I argued he could easily have been All-Conference this year). He led the Big East in receptions this year with 73 and had 975 yards and had 754 yards in 2011. He announced earlier that he was planning to come back, but it's now official.

For his part, Tom Savage was happy about the move:

Shout out to comin back for his senior... Let the show begin"

As was Tra'von Chapman:

S/o to my new Bro for staying another year. Let's get it CHAMPS

So just how good of a career has Street had? Quite simply, he could become one of the school's best receivers of all time. He's not all that far from breaking school records for receptions and yards, needing only 28 catches for 1,015 yards in 2013 to become the all-time leader in those categories.

That's a bit deceiving, obviously. Larry Fitzgerald is by far and away the best receiver in the history of the program, but he stayed only two seasons. Other players such as Antonio Bryant have left early as well. But Street has legitimately gotten better each year and has had a great career at Pitt.

Now it's up to someone to get him the ball.

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