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Final Top 25 BlogPoll: Cardiac Hill Ballot

Andy Lyons

Some things just don't make sense. That's particularly true when it comes to college football and basketball polls. So when I saw Florida still ranked ahead of Louisville despite each having two losses and having just been beaten down by the Cardinals, I wasn't all that surprised.

I never got my final ballot officially into the SB Nation Blogpoll, but I still wanted to put together a final top 25. So, here it is:

1. Alabama
2. Ohio State
3. Oregon
4. Georgia
5. Notre Dame
6. Texas A&M
7. Stanford
8. South Carolina
9. Florida State
10. Clemson
11. Kansas State
12. Louisville
13. Florida
14. LSU
15. Oklahoma
16. Northwestern
17. Utah State
18. Boise State
19. Cincinnati
20. San Jose State
21. Northern Illinois
22. Texas
23. Oregon State
24. Vanderbilt
25. Nebraska

Not too many thoughts here. On the Big East front, Louisville jumped up after their big win over Florida. Also moved Cincinnati up after their bowl win over Duke. The Bearcats really had a pretty good year when you look at the entire body of work. They reached ten wins again and all of their losses were pretty close. They lost to Louisville by a field goal in overtime, lost to a ranked Rutgers team by only a touchdown, and lost to formerly ranked Toledo by six.

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