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Pitt vs. UConn: Open Gamethread


Pitt faces a pretty good test in UConn today. I went over this yesterday, but it's really a game they need. With the chance to build some nice momentum against some weaker teams after this one, Pitt can't afford to throw it away.

UConn won't be a pushover. They're 12-4 and all of their losses have been to teams that are ranked now. The Huskies also own some nice wins over Michigan State, Notre Dame, Washington, Harvard, and Wake Forest. With all of those tough games, it's no wonder their RPI is in the top 25.

I hate to boil things down to such an easy statement, but the game will probably be won or lost based on Pitt's ability to slow down the backcourt of Shabazz Napier and Ryan Boatright. Throw in Omar Calhoun while you're at it.

Join us at noon to comment live during the game. It's even off the U and on at ESPN2.

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