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2013 Raycom All-Star game: Tino Sunseri struggles in postseason game

Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

Tino Sunseri made a habit to take care of the football this season. The senior quarterback threw only two interceptions in the entire regular season and did a great job of keeping Pitt in games. But it's been a different story in the postseason.

After tossing a pick in Pitt's ugly loss to Ole Miss in the BBVA Compass Bowl, Sunseri threw two more interceptions in the Raycom All-Star game this weekend in addition to the 105 passing yards he had. His 'Stars' team was routed, 31-3 by the Stripes.

I didn't see either pick since I'd rate watching college all-star games somewhere between going to the dentist and walking the dog in terms of interesting ways to spend a weekend. But when it comes to Sunseri's NFL hopes (which, admittedly, aren't real high), they probably didn't help his cause. Regardless of where you come out on the quarterback, one thing that's not up for debate is that Sunseri limited his interceptions this year to such a degree that was impressive. But while NFL franchises don't draft players based solely on how they perform in a fairly meaningless postseason game, throwing two interceptions with scouts watching wasn't a good thing for Sunseri.

Simply put, Sunseri doesn't have a great chance to be drafted - even in a later round. But he could get a look from a team as a free agent just by virtue of the season he had and his three years of experience as a starter.

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