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Big East basketball power rankings

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

I'm still not willing to call this a weekly feature yet since I could get bored with it at any point and give it up. But after a few Pitt wins, I thought it was time to cobble together an updated conference power rankings post.

With that said, here's how I see the Big East as it currently stands:

1. Syracuse

2. Louisville

3. Notre Dame

4. Cincinnati

5. Marquette

6. Pitt

7. Rutgers

8. Georgetown

9. UConn

10. St. John's

11. Providence

12. Villanova

13. South Florida

14. Seton Hall

15. DePaul

Syracuse obviously takes over the top spot after knocking off Louisville this weekend. Placing Pitt over Rutgers may seem like a bit of a homer move since the Scarlet Knights beat them head to head. But Pitt's won their last two while Rutgers has lost two out of their last three.

Notre Dame comes in a little high at No. 3, but didn't know who else to put there. Cincinnati was a possibility, but Notre Dame beat them on the road. And it can't be Marquette since they just lost to the Bearcats. Tough call there, but the Irish made the most sense.

The bottom five is a collaboration of who knows what right now - hard to get a good handle there.

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