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Pitt vs. Ole Miss: Staff Predictions


With one more game to go this season, we wanted to put together a final predictions post for Pitt's bowl game. We haven't done particularly well this year, but nonetheless, here are our picks for Saturday's game.

We're evenly split and with two teams that look fairly even, that only makes sense. My favorite pick was that of Mike, who flipped a coin out of sheer indecisiveness. It really could be that close and it's hard to make a definitive pick on this game and feel all that confident. Without further ado, here's how we're doing so far along with our picks for the bowl game:

Anson - .583 (7-5) / Ole Miss

Bryan H. - .583 (7-5) / Ole Miss

Bryan M. - .583 (7-5) / Pitt

Greg - .583 (7-5) / Ole Miss

Pat - .545 (6-5) / Pitt

Anthony - .500 (6-6) / Ole Miss

Mike - .500 (6-6) / Pitt

Jim - .400 (4-6) / Pitt

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