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Pitt-Star Wars: The Trilogy

Mark Nolan

We don't make a habit of putting every Fanpost up into the cover section of the page. Most of the time, there's a significant amount of Pitt news and we like to put that front and center. Plus, since Fanposts are written by readers, we want to avoid confusion that they've been written by our staff.

But every now and then an exception is made. Last night while I was doing some casual browsing, an email came across notifying me of a new Fanpost. @danosaurus77, as he's known on Twitter, had been busy. Real busy.

I clicked on the link and it was pure magic. He had created a trilogy and I knew we had to feature it. So with that said, I give you: Pitt-Star Wars. As he noted, the formatting on the page is a bit off due to the graphics, but it's the content that counts. Be sure to check them out - the links are below:

Episode I - The Fall of the Stache

Episode II - The Salesman Strikes Back

Episode III - Return of the Panthi

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