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Pitt out of college basketball's Top 25, but surprisingly still getting votes


When the new top 25 polls were released this week, it was no surprise that Pitt was booted out on its collective butt. The Panthers have dropped their two games last week against Cincinnati and Rutgers and don't deserve to be ranked anymore, obviously.

But there are apparently some voters who still want to give Pitt their props. The Panthers received seven points in the USA Today Coaches poll and a point in the AP poll.

The only way Pitt can still be getting any recognition at all is likely by voters who had them ranked pretty highly to begin with. It's hard to lose two straight games in one week and still be ranked. But even as Pitt fans, the thought of the Panthers in the top 25 right now seems a bit ridiculous.

In case you haven't seen them yet, you can take a look at the most recent top 25 polls here.

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