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Pitt vs. Virginia Tech: Open Gamethread

Justin K. Aller

The Panthers have a big game against Virginia Tech today in case you've not been paying attention. Pitt will need a solid effort on both sides of the ball to come away with another upset win over the Hokies. Virginia Tech isn't Florida State, but they're the second best team Pitt will have played to date.

And things won't get any easier on the road.

The defense needs to play well, of course, but to me, it's the offense that takes center stage. They've yet to look very impressive against a good defense yet, scoring only 13 points against Florida State and thoroughly unable to move the ball all that well a couple of weeks ago against Virginia.

Leave your pre-game predictions in the comments below then join us at noon to comment live during the game on ESPNU and WatchESPN.

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