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Panther of the Game: Aaron Donald

Pitt's big man in the middle was up for the task yesterday

Aaron Donald was doing Aaron Donald things again yesterday.
Aaron Donald was doing Aaron Donald things again yesterday.
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

When Pitt played UVA, we made the decision to go on the offensive side of the ball and had to apologize to senior defensive tackle, Aaron Donald. This week we will make no such apologies, because once again the Penn Hills native proved he's pretty good at football.

Donald was all over the place and is this week's Pitt player of the game.  Despite constant double teams, Donald registered six tackles.  Three of those were tackles for losses and two were sacks.  Look, sacks are great, but they are usually reserved for outside linebackers or defensive ends, not interior linemen.  Donald doesn't really care about the usual and he was constantly in the Virginia Tech backfield and pressured Logan Thomas all day.

Donald pulled into a tie for fourth place among Pitt's all-time sack leaders.  The double and triple teams Donald faces every week were there again did not matter.  He was still wreaking havoc all day. His play freed up others to make plays as well, such as Ejuan Price and Todd Thomas, who also had solid games.  I'm not sure if that is possible without Donald taking up two players on almost every play.

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