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Going Scouting: Navy Midshipmen

It's time to scout Navy football.

Pitt travels to Navy next week
Pitt travels to Navy next week
Paul Frederiksen-USA TODAY Sport

Pitt does not play until 7:00 p.m. on Saturday night, so that begs the question - What are you going to do until kickoff? I mean, besides gearing up for the Panthers and Old Dominion in the evening. Well, luckily we have just the thing. You can put your scouting skills to the test and check out Pitt's next opponent well before kickoff at Heinz Field.

The Panthers will travel to Annapolis next week to take on Navy next week at 1 p.m., but before the Midshipmen can look at the Panthers, they have business of their own to take care of this week. Navy will travel to the Glass Bowl to take on the Toledo Rockets at high noon EST. The Midshipmen carry a 3-2 record into the game and are coming off a 35-7 loss to Duke (advantage Pitt). The Rockets will have a 3-3 record when things kickoff on Saturday.

You can catch the game on WatchESPN (aka ESPN3) and this game is no different, but the powers that be at ESPN decided this was a ratings bonanza that they could not pass up. The game will also be broadcast on ESPN News....nope, I'm not kidding. Hey, it's good news for any Pitt fan that wants to check out the triple option before it shocks you next Saturday and you are left wondering why it's so hard to defend.