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Paul Chryst takes blame for Navy loss ... again and again

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

I really didn't want to read the transcript from Paul Chryst's Navy press conference. I knew what would be coming - the standard fare of 'we've got to get better' mixed in with a look at this week's game.

Still, though, I bit and took the bait. It was pretty much as expected, but there was a recurring theme:

"I need to do a better job of coaching."

"But I’ve got to do a much better job of coaching because for any team to be complacent or overconfident in a game, that’s on me."

"Respecting the game will never let you become complacent in a game. That’s on me. I’ve got to do a better job."

"I’ve got to get better at this."

"It’d be pretty hypocritical to ask the players to get better and then I’m not."

One thing you can't fault Chryst for is not being a stand up guy. I recently said the coaching has been lacking this year and Chryst indirectly says that as well by constantly saying he needs to get better. Of course it's not enough for him just to say that - there has to be tangible improvement seen and there's good news and bad news in that respect.

The good news is that Chryst himself realizes that his coaching has been a problem to some degree. He may not see the glaring issues with his coaching that some of the fans do, but his constant repeating of needing to get better makes me think that he's genuine about it and realizes he's not perfect.

The flip side is that (and I'm trying to be fair here because he's only been on the job for a season and a half) there's just not been much improvement it seems from Chryst. I'm sure he's gotten better in some aspects, but we still see the head-scratchers - not calling time outs to stop the clock, conservative play-calling, not being prepared for inferior teams.

It's a mixed bag, but like I said, he's at least willing to take the blame.

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