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Is Pitt quarterback Tom Savage a 2014 NFL Draft pick?

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

Let's get this out of the way - it's crazy early and to try to project the 2014 NFL Draft right now is a bit ludicrous. That said, Pitt quarterback Tom Savage could find his way into it.

Buried a bit in an article from Jerry DiPaola at the Trib is that Savage could be an NFL player, according to ESPN's Kevin Weidl. Specifically, he could have a shot at getting drafted:

Beyond this season, Savage may have an NFL future, according to ESPN college football analyst Kevin Weidl, who played quarterback at Mt. Lebanon and Indiana (Pa.).

"In terms of physical ability, I think it's there. For the most part, he made some impressive, impressive throws," said Weidl, who attended the Duke game.

"I talked to a few (NFL) scouts and he's not a throwaway prospect. They think he can be a late-round or priority free agent.

Savage has to prove a great deal still. The interesting thing is that he's still a bit of an unknown having only really played the equivalent of like 1 1/2 seasons of college football. But Savage has the height and strong arm that franchises love and it's hard to imagine him not getting a shot in someone's camp at the very least. And let's face it - if he keeps putting up anything close to the ridiculous stats he did against Duke, he'll get more than his fair share of attention.

The big thing for Savage isn't necessarily his lack of mobility - teams can live without that in lieu of a strong arm. Savage is going to need to prove he can cut back on the interceptions as he did in the Duke game. If he does that, he's likely got a good chance at being taken in the draft, even if only as a late pick.

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