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Going Scouting: Virginia Tech - North Carolina Game Information (TV Time, Schedule)

Where can you see what is ahead for Pitt?

Logan Thomas will face UNC before Pitt this Saturday.
Logan Thomas will face UNC before Pitt this Saturday.
Kevin C. Cox

As we all know, Pitt has a bye this week to prepare for their visit to Lane Stadium in Blacksburg, VA to take on Virginia Tech. What can we expect from the Hokies on October 12th at high noon? Find out early. There is no Panthers game so why not do some scouting and check in on the Hokies this Saturday.

Virginia Tech stays home this weekend to host North Carolina. The Hokies are 4-1 with the one loss coming to the defending national champion, Alabama Crimson Tide. Bama, of course, is the No. 1 team in all the land so it's hardly a bad defeat The game against the Tar Heels can be seen on ESPN3 (aka ESPN Watch) on your local computer and it begins at 12:30PM. Is the Virginia Tech defense as good as the stats indicate? Is Logan Thomas over his turnover problems? Will they wear those awful helmets (pictured above)? Tune in and see what is in store for the Panthers next Saturday.

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