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Tom Savage expected to play against Virginia Tech

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Getting to this pretty late here, but part of it was because I've been away and part of it is that I wanted to see how things progressed. But at any rate, Pitt quarterback Tom Savage is expected to play against Virginia Tech this weekend after suffering a mild concussion in the game against Virginia.

At first, the talk was about concussion symptoms, but it was later confirmed that Savage did in fact have a mild concussion. And for the record, he did have one a few years back while playing at Rutgers.

That said, he's passing all of the testing from the sound of things and as long as he gets the clearance required, it sounds as if he'll play. Things didn't sound all that well when the wide receivers talked of Savage being out of it after the game, but if the recent reports are correct, he should be able to play.

The other thing playing into his favor, obviously, was the bye week where he was able to get some extra rest.

Pitt has fought through some other injuries this season, but overcoming Savage's would prove to be difficult. Redshirt freshman Chad Voytik would be hard-pressed to add what Savage has to the offense this year and while the latter still throws a good number of interceptions, as a whole, the offense has been reasonably good with him under center. Beating Virginia Tech won't be impossible, but if Savage isn't able to play effectively, it would make it very hard for Pitt to win.

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