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Will Larry Fitzgerald be traded?


Former Pitt wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald has had some kind of NFL career. He recently added another notch to his belt when he became the youngest player to ever record 800 catches.

Fitz, though, could apparently be traded if you listen to the whispers. Now, the GM disputes this, but the Cardinals can save $8 million in by dealing him before next year and also pick up whatever they can in return for a trade.

Here's the thing about the statements from Steve Keim, the GM - none of it is an ironclad statement saying they won't deal Fitz:

"I can tell you two things, and I want to make this clear and simple -- I have not had one conversation with another NFL team regarding a trade with Larry Fitzgerald," Keim told the radio station.

"Number two, starting with [Cardinals president] Michael Bidwill on down, it is our intent for Larry Fitzgerald to retire a Cardinal. Period. If there is any gray area there, let me know, and we can get that out."

Just because Keim hasn't had any discussions with teams yet doesn't mean anything - there's a lot of time between now and the offseason. And as far as his 'intent' ... well, I don't really need to tell you anything about how meaningless that statement is.

Trading Fitzgerald would have to be a blow to the fan base one would think. He's been one of the few real constants on that team and also happens to be one of the top wide receivers in the NFL. It would be interesting to see where he ended up, but Fitzgerald could actually benefit from a deal since he's had a slew of mediocre or flat out bad quarterbacks since Kurt Warner. His numbers would be even more eye-popping if he had a chance to play with an elite quarterback.

We'll have to see if a trade even happens, but he might get his chance.

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