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Pitt Basketball Preview Q&A with Streaking the Lawn

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Virginia's basketball team recently held their version of Midnight Madness and as part of the festivities, our associate SB Nation blog for the Hoos, Streaking the Lawn, did some really incredible work putting up a whopping 60 (yes, 60) posts in only 24 hours.

As part of that, they previewed each team (you can check out their Pitt preview here) and also ran Q&As with opposing bloggers. I answered some of their questions about Pitt basketball and the upcoming season. In it, I discussed the biggest losses to Pitt from last year, the season as a whole, Steven Adams jumping ship to the NBA, a season outlook for this year's Panthers, and more.

Please drop in to check out the Q&A here.

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