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Ray Vinopal ACC Defensive Back of the Week

Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Seems like we're wearing the Ray Vinopal train out a bit this week. We not only gave him our Panther of the Game award, but we also declared his first interception on Saturday as the turning point for Pitt.

But the Pitt safety actually got an award that meant something, too, when he was named the ACC Defensive Back of the Week by the conference. With a forced fumble with Notre Dame deep into Pitt territory and two monster interceptions, it was about as logical a choice that could have been made.

Got to love the game he played. Sure, the picks were right at him, but he could have pulled his best Ike Taylor imitation and dropped either or both of those. Vinopal got beaten badly earlier in the game, but seriously - how many players can force three turnovers in a single game?

Glad to see him get some recognition. Kid's had a tough year and when he has a good game like that, he deserves some credit.

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