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Cardiac Hill Goes West ... to Stanford?


I, FloodCityPanther, will be embarking on a fun little weekend excursion to the West Coast, on the company's tab, of course. As you may very well know (or not know) Cardiac Hill's parent company isSB Nation. The good people from Hampton Inn happen to be a big sponsor for SB Nation. Long story short, they have set up a bit of an exchange program. They take one blogger and fly them to a different campus so they can take in the game experience and report what they see.

Fortunately for us (me) at Cardiac Hill, we have been paired with Stanford's blog, Rule of Tree. So at the crack of dawn on Black Friday, me and a buddy will have to miss out on all those bargains at the mall and be "forced" to go have fun in California for a weekend, and go see the Notre Dame-Stanford game Saturday night. I am sure you are all feeling real bad for me.....

On a serious note, I will do my job, and will go and have a good time in California, since that is the assignment believe it or not. While you are on your second third plate of leftover turkey, you can follow me along on my adventure via the internet. The good people of Rule of Tree have given me an itinerary of things to do while we are in the Palo Alto area. I hope to keep you up to date with everything, as I will be blogging and cramming all kinds of pictures down your social media throats.

We will be getting to California Friday at 9:00 a.m. PST so we have a whole day ahead of ourselves. We are not so far from San Francisco, so we will probably do some of the touristy stuff in the Bay Area. I have family and friends nearby, so getting paired up with Stanford is pretty fortunate on my end.

If you wish to keep up with me this weekend, I will be all over social media. You can follow my twitter @JimHammett and you can also check on my instagram as I will be posting all sorts of pictures. I will have a live blog going, so I will try and update that every few hours, and I will recap my trip upon returning home.

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