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Pitt vs. Miami: Open Gamethread

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Big game for Pitt here, obviously. The Panthers' bowl hopes aren't in the balance here, but Pitt still has plenty to play for in their hopes of getting an ACC Bowl game. Also, a win gives Pitt their first winning season in a few years and a chance to get to eight wins on the season with a bowl victory.

Beating Miami won't be easy, but as I said in the preview, there are a few things going Pitt's way here. They get the game at home, it's a cold weather game against a warm weather team, and it's Senior Day for arguably Pitt's two best players - wide receiver Devin Street and defensive tackle Aaron Donald.

A Pitt win is hardly a guarantee, but it would also be foolish to write the Panthers off here since the Hurricanes haven't shown themselves to be unbeatable over the past month.

Leave your pregame thoughts below then check back in to comment live during the game at 3:30 p.m.

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