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Panther of the Game: Aaron Donald

What else is there to say for Aaron Donald?

Aaron Donald continues to give PItt fans something to cheer about.
Aaron Donald continues to give PItt fans something to cheer about.
Kevin C. Cox

Eight games in and we're starting to run out of adjectives to describe Aaron Donald.  The senior defensive lineman from Penn Hills High School had another outstanding game last night and is our Panther of the Game.  Defensive linemen are not supposed to have stats like Donald did last night in Pitt's 21-10 loss to Georgia Tech.  The game is not designed to allow that, yet he continues to defy the odds.

Donald took home his second Panther of the Game award of the season by spending as much time in the Georgia Tech backfield as the Yellow Jackets' running backs.  Number 97 terrorized quarterback Vad Lee and the GT offense by recording (unofficially) 11 solo tackles, six tackles for loss, two forced fumbles, and I believe one sack (I am not 100% sure on that one). When he wasn't registering a statistic, he was forcing the Tech backfield to make adjustments to avoid him and causing mistakes.

The Panthers' season is not going well right now with two straight losses, but the bright spot continues to be Donald and we can all hope he is rewarded handsomely for it at the end of the season.  The funny thing is that with Pitt's schedule, they still could give Donald the season he deserves and get to a bowl game.  Let's hope they do that so his ridiculous season can have a happier ending than it is heading for right now.

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