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Panther of the Game: Isaac Bennett

Isaac Bennett brings home his second Panther of the Game award

Isaac Bennett had a big day for Pitt
Isaac Bennett had a big day for Pitt
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

This week's award could have gone to a few different players on the offensive side of the ball (a case could be made for Anthony Gonzalez as well). Sometimes, the offensive line blocked so well, that a pulling Matt Rotheram was having trouble finding a defender to block during Pitt's 41-31 loss yesterday. In the end, though, we give it to junior running back Isaac Bennett, who provided Pitt with a large portion of their offense.

The 205-pound Tulsa native's stat line is impressive. It is even more so when you take into account that he didn't carry the rock from the halfway point of the fourth quarter until the end. Bennett finished up with 21 carries for 141 yards and that included a nice 45-yard touchdown to get the Panthers on the board in yesterday's game. Bennett also tacked on a nifty 19-yard catch that gave Pitt an important first-down trying to escape their own end zone in the second quarter.

Bennett was patient yesterday and his vision allowed him to find the holes that the offensive line kept opening up in the Miami defense. The depth at running back was a great question mark at the beginning of the season and James Conner, Rachid Ibrahim, and Bennett provided some answers. With all three back and already some strong running back commits lined up for the incoming recruiting class, 2014 looks like it could be a bright spot at the tailback position for Pitt.

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