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Pitt pulls away for Duquesne with 84-67 in City Game

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

When I saw the date of this game, coupled with the Miami game, I wasn't real pleased. The City Game is something I like to try to attend and knowing I'd be away for Thanksgiving, I knew I'd miss it. Compounding the issue were that the basketball game was on CBS College Sports Channel (or whatever) and knowing it wouldn't be at the homestead kind of sucked.

I missed the game and was forced to follow along best I could online, so this recap will be brief to say the least. Pitt finally got the test we were all hoping for. The team led by only four at the half and still only led by four just past the 15:00 mark in the second half.

Pitt did eventually pull away, but it wasn't easy.

The Panthers were outdone from the three-point line. Not only did Duquesne shoot 9-18, but Pitt shot only 3-16 themselves. The three-pointer has been a weapon of the team in the past and that wasn't available today.

Cam Wright looked good, apparently. For all the talk about him not being an offensive player, he took the most shots on the team and still was an efficient 9-17 from the field. He did have three turnovers, but also had five rebounds, five assists, and a couple of steals.

Lamar Patterson was arguably the star, though - 18 points, eight rebounds, six assists and five steals.

Games like this obviously are beneficial and the good news was that Pitt not only fixed their problems, but rebounded for a comfortable-looking win.