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Panther of the Week: Lamar Patterson

Lamar Patterson continued his scorching start this past week.

Lamar Patterson's stat line is getting a little out of control
Lamar Patterson's stat line is getting a little out of control
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

For the past few years, every time Lamar Patterson checked into a game, I cringed. I won't lie. I waited for the turnover that would come and come quickly. I knew a sweet shot would come next and then be followed up by a bad foul on the next trip down court. For me, he was infuriating to watch. This year is starting out different. He's becoming the do-it-all player we all thought he could become and it has helped the Panthers to a nice 7-0 start to their first season in the ACC. Patterson's full stat lines make him this week's Panther of the Week.

As you know by now, Pitt stepped up in competition this week with three games. They took out Texas Tech rather handily 76-53, put down Stanford by 21 points, and finally held off a frisky Duquesne team, 84-67 on Saturday. The Lancaster, PA native's handy work was all over every one of the games. His stat lines almost make you dizzy as you have to continue all the way to the left after every game.

One look at his numbers from last week, and you may need to sit down. During the Texas Tech game, he played only 25 minutes due to the early lead that the Panthers maintained throughout the game. Despite sitting for 15 minutes, he finished with 23 points, three rebounds, four assists, and five steals...OH, and he added a block for good measure. Against Stanford, you would think Patterson would slow down a little, but he just picked up where he left off against the Red Raiders right down to his stat line. The senior finished with 24 points, three rebounds, six assists, two steals, and he decided to throw in another block just giggles.

Those numbers are just solid all around. Saturday against Duquesne, he couldn't possibly do something similar, could he? Well, he didn't. He couldn't hit the 20 point plateau. What's wrong with him? What a slacker. Don't worry though, he still pulled in his other numbers. The final line finished with 18 points, eight rebounds, six assists, five steals. These numbers are simply crazy and it all seems so easy to Patterson. I don't think that is the best number he had all week though. His best number total for the entire week was in turnovers.

As you can see, Patterson's stats keep you busy all day long and he can add another one to it with this week's Panther of the Week award...his second of the year.

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